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Sustainability for Nykaa

Would you like to experience sustainability with Nykaa ?This project focuses on sustainability in relevance to the consumption of beauty products of Nykaa( beauty ecommerce store) done by a group of 3.

Key words

Experience design, design research, space design, campaign strategy

Project duration

4 weeks (July 2021)

Cafe Maquillage_edited.jpg

Primary Research

Primary research was done in the form of personal interviews and Google forms

Some people are aware of sustainability and they try to include it in their lifestyle in a minimal way.

Awareness about factors like packaging, carbon footprint, energy sourcing, etc, is still limited to those working in the industry.

41% of the people have heard of sustainable brands, but only few use them

Few users are aware or do research about the brand history/production before consuming products.

 Health-concerned users are cautious while choosing their brand and are active on social media (comments and reviews), and aware of the current trends and up-to-date.


Lifestyle practices

Many people make brand choices based on the most trending or well-known and established brand companies.

Choice influencers

Common criteria considered while shopping - organic products, small quantity, personal recommendations, and visual appeal.

Advertising campaigns and customer reviews influence choice of youth customers.

Most people rely on word of mouth and personal recommendations.

Most of the empty packaging is repurposed or stored at home.

Consumption behaviour

The higher price range of sustainable products leads to larger time gap between purchases of the product.

Almost 50% of the people consuming products are loyal to specific brands.

Brands advertising themselves as eco-friendly and chemical free, are perceived as sustainable by the research group

More importance is given to quality over price in the current scenario.

Brand case studies

Problem Statement

Customers purchasing beauty products find it difficult to remain conscious consumers due to lack of availability, accessibility and affordability of sustainable beauty products.

The experience of buying beauty products should be fulfilling, guilt-free, and rewarding for both the consumers and beauty brands.

The transition toward responsible consumption will not only improve the lifestyle of current and next generations to come, but will also help reduce global warming and save our environment.

Final Proposal

Refilling Booth

For refilling Nykaa cosmetics in customized refill bottle for a few products to help customers start their sustainable journey

Nykaa Cafe 

In collaboration with local organic brands to give users a space to connect and build community


An experience to learn more about making your own makeup and gain gift hampers.

Recycling Station

To deposit empty beauty products packaging to help user's concern about waste.

Redesigning Nykaa app

To involve the new sustainable campaign and give out rewards

Cafe Maquillage

Cafe Maquillage will provide nourishing, wholesome, and fresh foods which give a sense of refreshment for our customers.

The cafe will be located inside the Nykaa stores in malls or beside them.

phone 2.png

Home page

Upon clicking the poster it redirects to Nykaa physical store page.

Use can enter their pincode to find the nearest store and get details about the events taking place.

App Redesign

Earning rewards


Users get rewards points upon a sustainable purchase.

Posters about makeup making workshops will be put in the purchase page

DIY Makeup workshops 


DIY skincare workshops teach to make natural makeup. These workshops will take place in the cafe and sometimes in the mall space. Later Nykaa could sell DIY makeup kits to make up at home.

nykaa blush final.jpg
nykaa liquid lipstick.jpg
Nykaa lipstick final.jpg

A customized bag of gifts with their names for the workshop
attendees. This will be given out occasionally.

These bags will contain some products which are refillable, this is
one of the mediums to introduce the refill service of Nykaa.

Personalized gift hampers

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