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Wander for walking

In a world where design is dominated by our visual sense, how to create an experience that goes beyond the visual. Understanding the pain points of the user when it comes to the activity of walking, I created a wholesome product that helps solve the pain that comes with walking. I saw walking not as a form of exercise, but as an activity for exploration.

7 days (Jan 2022)

Wander for Walking

In a world dominated by the visual, exploring something beyond that by understanding user pain points and creating quick solutions . Positioning walking as a form of adventure rather then an exercise.

Key words

User Experience, UX study, UI design, service design

Project duration

7 days (Jan 2022)

wander final.png


As a part of a brief in one of my studios I explored designing an app for walking. I had to dig deeper into what are the pain points and emotions involved in the process of walking. 

Digging into the process of walking

process map.png

Information Architecture


The Wander app

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The checklist

One of the obstacles to overcome while deciding to go for a walk is the things needed to take for a walk. The checklist helps to make sure everything is in place and nothing is forgotten.

Get route suggestions according to you preference

Are you bored of walking the same route and want to find something new, explore routes according to your preference. Explore the unexplored

Join a group and find companions to motivate each other

Find companion and join groups to motivate each other and make walking a habit. Invite friends to join your walk.

Features to build consistency

Schedule your walk and connect it to your calendar. Set goals and earn exciting rewards. Earn scratch cards and unlock new add-ons in the wander game.

Hands free experience with voice support

Shop our watches and earphones and track your progress. Get a noise free walking experience with our earphones and pods.

Watch Interface

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