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Farmer Accounting

Farmers need a way to keep track of their produce and understand and follow the financials related to it. They need to know how they are paid what crop costs how much. I believe information is a powerful tool in helping build healthier market and enterprise. 

Key words

Process design, system design, payment models, business design

Project duration

8 weeks ( Oct - Nov 2022 )


Current Agriculture model

Share of farmer - 6rs per kg (many times even lesser due to manipulation)

Cost of alovera juice per litre - 400rs

  1. Punjab

  2. Rjasthan

  3. Jammu and Kashmir

  4. Ladakh

  5. Uttar Pradesh

  6. Himachal Pradesh

  7. Uttarakhand

  8. Haryana

Multistate cooperative

Share to farmer - 20 Rs per kg

Cost of alovera juice per litre - 400rs

UMMCL model

UMMCL is a farming cooperative who aim to become the first multistate cooperative in the agriculture sector in India. Their business model is majorly a B2B model where primary and secondary processed agricultural products can be sold to businesses in the food sector in bulk quantities.

Project Aim

Keeping track of payments the farmer makes in the UMMCL system.

Make the farmer more aware of their earnings and enable him the power to predict and plan for the future.

Enable farmer to understand and view details regarding payments for different crops.

Farmer Payment

Current model

UMMCL model

Accounting screen

Service blueprint

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